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         I was updating my socialization page (you also have it on our site) but anyways, a lot of the links are no longer available, so I deleted them and also added some great information, especially on the stages our puppies go through. Since I am not very good with the computer, I thought you would like to add this to our link. Or maybe you can forward it to one of the others, so they can add it. I hope the move back home went well. Take care. Information below:







                                             The Importance of Socialization and the Different Stages

                                                                      Of Puppy Development




Socialization is one of the most important/key factors, when raising and training a puppy. You will find the following Links very helpful, in helping you to understand the importance of Socialization:




















http://www.sastaffords.co.za/puppysocial.htm  this site gives information of what to look for in a class.




Puppy Stages: Puppies go through many stages in their mental development, during the first 2 yrs of life, just like our children go through many stages during their development. More puppies/dogs are turned into the dog pound, put to sleep, or given away during these stages, because the owners do not understand the behavioral development of their young puppies/dogs. Understanding these stages, and working through them with your puppy, will make for a wonderful family companion when your puppy/dog grows up. If at any time you find you are having problems during any of these stages, please contact me or your breeder, so we can provide you with advice, guidance and support. Not all puppies/dogs are the same, and not all go through the same stages, these links are just a guideline.