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Yes I do OFA! Both hips and elbows! See whole list or do an OFA search to compare me to other breeders! who ever you buy from make sure they OFA -ofaroyaliarsearch.htm

Excellent hips? Yes I have a few dogs wth excellent rated hips, but fair is just as good! For instance kira and falco (both fair) had 8 large litters together not one HD! falco who is fair has had less then 2% of his offspring with HD. I have been to OFA good and OFAexcellent outside males- all have produced far more HD~! I have bought two dogs now with two OFA excellent parents .Both pups from different lines had HD! Need proof go to OFA breeder info- says the same thing! back ground research on litter mates is where it counts!


If you don't want to stuff a vitamin down your pups throat, give them something they love to eat!! My dogs even do tricks for one! I recommend you give them nujoint plus! click on the logo for ordering and other information.



Why OFA? OFA is the best way for breeders to evaluate hips and before you breed hips should be evaluated. Genetics do play a role in Hip dysplasia but the way it is transferred is through multiple genes it is not as simple as the old Madeleine law... It has also been proven that feed , walking surfaces and exorcise play a role in quality of hips as well. It is well known by breeders that dogs raised in cement kennels are more prone to HD and very much more prone to elbow dysplasia... A breeder friend of mine who raises white shepherds was never able to get any of his elbows ever to pass OFA, but,-very few if any ever got elbow dysplasia in the puppies he sold as soon as he started raising his dogs in grass the poor readings on his elbows almost ceased to exist. with the same lines. For elbows I do believe it seems to be environment over genetics........ It is also well known that dogs who run a fence always turning in the same fashion get bad ratings on one hip and one elbow on the same side, this is obviously caused by environment. So hip dysplasia is not normally the fault of the breeder as even normal hips will produce dysplastic pups -unless of course they choose not to OFA which is a lack of caring what they breed. Elbows are one of those things that the book is still out on a good example is Germany they have never OFA'd elbows and still believe it is only environmental in cause. even with never OFA- ing elbows elbow dysplasia is at the same rate of lines that have always OFA'd elbows,,,,, Here's the real kicker though Germany has only bred -x-rayed dogs for 40 years they still get 30% of all their dogs dysplastic according to their own stats! I think the reason is that two of Germany's ratings that are "allowed for breeding are often dysplastic by OFA standards , also x-rays are done at one year instead of two..... Many American breeders have really great hips compared to the German counter parts because OFA is so much more strict then the German A-stamp system again though it depends how honest and committed the breeder is to breed only OFA normal dogs.

Ratings: OFA has three ratings of "passing" hip conformation Fair/good/excellent ....I don't believe the rating has too much to do to prevent HD - for example two fair dogs Kira and falco in all their litters never produced a dysplastic pup, but I have had lots of goods who all produced dysplasia and I bought two pups from outside lines with both excellent parents and both had the worst dysplasia I had seen!...

elbows again have three ratings Grade 1, II, & III.... or normal Grade one and two do not seem to ever show clinical signs , but three often does as the dog ages.... most breeders do not at this point OFA certify elbows , many will breed normal and grade one, but I have seen way to many breed grade three! I think at this severe rating the abnormal elbows are more then just environmental and perhaps genetic, but many very good breeders do not feel elbows have a genetic base and they may not. but I would be very uncomfortable breeding grade III elbows!..

To Much excersize and to much calcium produce HD? NO WAY! My research of my lines have proven the opposit! To be truethfull so far nearly 100% of the HD from my lines have been from animals kept as house dogs who have gotten little excersize., And have been feed no calcium. I feed my dogs extra calcium from puppy hood and since I have done so have had better hip conformation -feed cottage cheese every day and you will have a healthy dog!

Below I will put in several web pages regarding these subjects:

Links for GSD Disease information: HD more to come



Elbow dysplasia: genetic link most likely in grade 3 elbow dysplasia, grade 1 probably environment!

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