Rosehall's Dark Knight of Royalair "DUKE" Duke is 16 months old , stands 30 inches and weighs 121 lbs. (vet certified weight at bottom.) He should mature to 31 and weigh 130+ lbs pretty easily..(see older full brother at bottom of the page) by the age of four years old when he is fully mature.

This dog is very laid back and a joy to who ever meets him he is a grandson of mark and a great/great grandson of kody he also has shadow, Tina,lilly and sam in his lines. So he is all my lines and be a perfect cross back to silver mark and kody daughters and granddaughters. Hips were sent into OFA at one year and he prelimed "good" (Duke broke one elbow in two places at 5 months of age) but the other elbow looks very good:) This dog has a really big head!

Tested DM free & non carroir see tests at bottom of page. Video's at the bottom of the page.

OFA Number Registry Test/Film Date Report Date Age Final Conclusion

OFA Prelim hips Rated "good" at 12 months aplication number #1397543

DNA profile # V617360

permanent ID'd with microchip

Duke's Pedigree with pictures... at the very bottom, is a short video with duke in it at 16 months and shadow his grandmother at 7 years old.

Latest picture at Lake Wapello in Iowa.

central iowa large german shepherd

Large OFA german shepherds oversized ofa german shepherds


large german shepherd puppy

Still very much a a puppy face at 9 month old.. started his shed out last two pics, so his haircoat is not at as nice.


big headed GSD




big german shepherd

large dark colored german shepherd



prelim ofa


dm test

very large german shepherds stud dog

Dear Robin (letter and picture from duke's older full brother)
just wanted to send you an update on our Jackson
doesnt my jackson look like Duke? he is from rosehall emily roberts all your lines polly /duke 2008 litter
he is 140 pounds today 30 inches high and he is fantastic. we so love him and everyone is so impressed by him
he is protective and yet gentle, smart and fun, and so laid back.....all around great dog.
happy holidays IRena

straight backed german shepherd

140 lb german shepherd

video of Duke at 16 months old..................................................................................................Duke playing with morkie.. 2lbs to 125lbs gentle man :)