"Moms of Royalair"

Co-females - Females that do not live with me but I sell the puppies

same gaurentee's apply and the puppies are either raised here or spend their last few weeks here.

I answer ALL my emails with in 24 hours so if you do not hear back call me! emails for my often do not come though..


email : royalairshepherds@gmail.com

The girls on this page are co- owned or of my lines. I sell and guarantee the puppies. The only differance is that mommies spend most of the time with their families instead of me. There are only so many dogs one person can spend quality time with so this is a good option for me and my dogs.

I do have other co- owned females but they are seldom bred , I put them up only when they happen to expect litters

Royalair's Anny get your Gun ...

Anny is a large black and red female she is a duaghter of RIKKA and INDY ,She is super smart, playfull and very fun loveing dog. She has a large male type of head. and being all Royalair lines has that typical "Royalair" Look of eagles that makes Royalair shepherds look the way they do... SEE MORE PICTURES OF ANNY

Click on her photo to see more pictures of her, all of these were taken at one year of age.

Royalair's Kissin Kate Kodiak (Living with the Winburns )

Click on their picture for more pics and pedigree

Katie , photo here at one year, is co-owned by Kalynn Winburn (our neighbors). She is a daughter of Kody and Tina. She is big like her dad.& hips.. are rated as good, elbows are normal. She is 27 1/2 " and weighs 102 lbs. She is my biggest female at this time . And perhaps the most laid back as well. Katie's home is filled with little kids and when she and her family visit she protects the little twin boys 24/7, often getting upset with the toddlers attempts to split up! She tries to bring them back together so she can watch both of them!

Royalair's Perfect Storm

Stormy is a true black and silver owned by Ellan Rozendaal a good family friend. She is a farm dog and heards children and livestock very sweet, and calm not real protective but may get that way she came here for prelim x-rays last week at 9 months old and I took some photo's see her OFA prelim Here see her pedigree HERE ......see wedpicsone......seewebpicstwo later pics are of her older



Rosehall Sophisticated Girl of Royalair

Sophie is also cared for by Ellan her and stormy are the best of buds, sophie is a sweet as they come and should be a good outcross with kody and she has some royalair line on her mothers side.. to see more about her click here



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